Cardstock pieces provide an advantage when you want consumers to act.

Cardstock Formats Track redemptions, start with the perfect cardstock weight and a strong finish with unique imprinting, choice of finish/format and other customizable options.

Cardstock Gets Noticed! Your Ads ads look and feel different than the average Valpak coupon. The perfect cardstock weight and a strong finish with unique imprinting, will get your ad noticed!

Get A Response! Consumers respond with a heavier cardstock, drive consumer action!

Find out more about Cardstock and utilizing it with Direct Mail!

DIRECT MAIL COUPONS - THE BLUE ENVELOPE - single panel coupons, multi-panel flyer's, multi-page circulars & on-envelope advertising. DIRECT MAIL coupon advertising is the powerful, cost-effective way to grow your customer base, increase sales and drive brand awareness. Valpak can help you select the right message, offer and design for your ad. Valpak has hundreds of proven designs or you can custom design a coupon specifically for your business to drive increased responses. We'll work with you to determine the right offer, frequency and reach to exceed the return on investment you want out of coupon advertising.

FLYERS Valpak provides you with a multitude of options beyond standard coupons. Capture consumer attention and incite action with our larger print formats: flyers and circulars. Flyers elevate your message and provide optimal exposure, while circulars rival freestanding newspaper inserts.

SOLO POSTCARDS Dial up your 1-to-1 marketing with timely promotions targeted to specific consumers. With a variety of custom direct mail options, you choose the best format for your advertising budget. Whether you want to provide your own list of targeted households or need assistance in finding the right demographic mix, let us help you find the most impactful areas. We’ll ensure your message comes through at the time and place that’s best for your business.


Direct Mail Cardstock For Your Business!

Valpak of Southeast Wisconsin is a National, Full-Service Digital Agency. Our Direct Mail services, including Cardstock can be utilized to make you stand apart from common Valpak print ads! Contact us: 414-448-1005